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Native Garden Grant

Native Garden GrantThere are 4 species of blueberries growing around the Native Garden. The garden was designed around the existing berry plants.


The Ashantilly Press Project

Paul Moxon works the Universal 1.


 PAUL MOXON visited the Press to do some work on our Vandercook Universal 1. The "Spa Treatment" included new rollers. Although this was a costly endeavor, it was well worth it! This press is essential for our printing needs, and for our Artist Residency participants. Our residency is now open for letters of interest. If you or someone you know is interested in our 3-week residency, email us! All applicants must contact us before Mar. 31, 2019.


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Molly & Meghan



Molly Kempson and Meghan Saas are incredibly talented artists! They produced beautiful work while here. Both Opening and Closing Receptions were well attended and many were able to purchase unique art from these young women.





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The Ashantilly Center Garden

Ashantilly GardenSeveral Ashantilly Board members and other volunteers have reclaimed the garden! After years of neglect. some hardy souls fought the overgrowth and staked out viable land. Now used as a demonstration garden and for experimental practices, it is continuing to improve.