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History and Lectures
November 28, 2020 11:00 AM

Ashantilly is hosting a drive-by book sale of Buddy Sullivan's new books! You will purchase your selections on line, and pick them up at Ashantilly in a Drive-By, Contactless sale. If you would like a personal message written in the book, you must have your request in by Nov. 21.  Otherwise, your books will just be signed by Buddy. If you would like us to ship your purchases, there will be a $10.00 charge which is listed in the pull-down menu of the Paypal button.


Buddy's Newest Books:                                                                              

Book List

DARIEN,GEORGIA: A History of the Town & Its Environs, 570 pages at $35.00

EARLY FAMILIES OF MCINTOSH COUNTY, GEORGIA, 1736 - 1861,  348 pages at $25.00

POSTBELLUM SAPELO ISLAND, The Reconstruction Journal of Archibald Carlisle McKinley, 338 pages at $25

TWENTIETH CENTURY SAPELO ISLAND: H. E. Coffin, R. J. Reynolds, Jr. & Beyond, 220 pages at $25.00

HARRIS NECK AND ITS ENVIRONS: Land Use & Landscape in North McIntosh County, 244 pages at $25.00

THOMAS SPALDING, Antebellum Planter of Sapelo, 200 pages at $25.00

LIFE & LABOR ON BUTLER'S ISLAND: Rice Cultivationin the Altamaha Delta, 212 pages at $25.00

BLACKBEARD ISLAND; A History, 86 pages at $15.00

NATIVE AMERICAN & SPANISH INFLUENCES IN MCINTOSH COUNTY, GEORGIA: An Archaeological Perspective, 148 pages at $20.00


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