Annual Bluegrass & BBQ Event

Jackson Bethune and his band were terrific and played to a sold-out crowd! Our nonprofit is grateful to all who support the historic Ashantilly Center. What a fun and successful evening!

Rick Caldwell’s BBQ was delicious!

Ashantilly Center would like to thank Jackson Bethune Bluegrass Band, and Habersham Beverage’s Vince Becker, for the great selections of local craft beers. As well as Rick Caldwell and his fantastic BBQ.

Thank you to our volunteers and board of directors and to the many attendees and friends of the Ashantilly Center. A special thank you to our sponsors:

Ward/Chris Milner

Todd and Carrie Lee Schultz

H. Langford/S. Blocker

Darien Telephone

Beth Downey

Spartina Realty

Genie McGarvey

Betty Hewitt

Southeastern Bank

The Shanty Cafe

The Local Exchange

Carol/Robert Gaither

Patricia DeVeau

T. M. Brown 

Donna Gonnsen

Robbie Clark

Anna Belle McCaskill

Tom/Mimi White

Mike/Mary Alice McDonald

Paul/Annabelle Salter .

Jody/Jim Fraser

And a special thank you to our anonymous supporters!

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