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  • Buddy Sullivan: Historical Atlas
    Local author and historian, Buddy Sullivan, spoke to a packed room on Sunday, February 5, sharing his vast knowledge of maps, charts, surveys, and land plats. Attendees found Buddy’s talk fascinating and were delighted as he shared his interest in local and regional geography and topography. His study of state and county maps, and coastal navigation chartsContinue reading “Buddy Sullivan: Historical Atlas”
  • Local History Class Visits the Center
    Local students from McIntosh Academy’s Local History Class visited Ashantilly. President Harriet Langford presented a program which portrayed the important role of Ashantilly in the history of the area. Built by Thomas Spalding in the early 1820’s, the “Old Tabby” was part of the Scottish traditions for which the county is so well known. AfterContinue reading “Local History Class Visits the Center”
  • The Tale of Two Williams a Success
    “The Tale of Two Williams: William Bartram and the Sketchbook of Bill Haynes, Jr.” event was very well attended. Dorinda G. Dallmeyer, president of the Bartram Trail Conference, expertly paired watercolors painted by William “Bill” Haynes, Jr., with passages from William Bartram’s book, Bartram’s Travels. The attendees were excited to see scans of these amazingContinue reading “The Tale of Two Williams a Success”
  • Filming for Ada and the Doc
    On Saturday, January 21 a flurry of energetic production crew members including actors, makeup artists, set decorators and costume designers descended upon the Ashantilly Center. Madison LeBlanc, a student at The Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) and the writer and director of the film, chose Ashantilly to be included in several of theContinue reading “Filming for Ada and the Doc”
    Nick and Sara set 2 cards for visitors to print, a Christmas card and a Holiday card. Many new to the shop and many returners printed during this annual event! Some had never seen printing presses and were amazed at how well they worked! Both a C&P platen press and a Vandercook proof press wereContinue reading “OPEN STUDIO WAS A BLAST!”
  • Local History Class of MCA Tour
    The Local History Class of MCA visited Ashantilly. President Harriet Langford led a tour of the house and presented a program on its history. Ms. Langford shared the variety of programming offered each year at the Center. Many were interested in future voluntarism. Students then toured the Print Shop and were able to print aContinue reading “Local History Class of MCA Tour”
  • Ashantilly Center: History and Vision
    Harriet Langford and Buddy Sullivan discussed the history of this beautiful home called the “Old Tabby” and the Haynes family’s vision for the historic site. In a well-attended talk at the local library, Ashantilly Center’s origins and the Haynes’ vision for the Center were the topics presented by Buddy and Harriet, active member’s of Ashantilly’sContinue reading “Ashantilly Center: History and Vision”
  • Fire Dog is Finally Published!
    A collaboration between Bill Haynes’ 1930’s drawings and Kristin Everson’s 2022’s story and finally been published. Board President Harriet Langford and Everson worked long hours to accomplish this, working with a publisher in Canada! Everson and Langford have been promoting the book to local bookstores, including readings at some locations. Kudos to these two ladies!Continue reading “Fire Dog is Finally Published!”
  • What a Party!
    The Annual Bluegrass & BBQ was a blast! Jackson Bethune’s Bluegrass Band were incredible and Rick Caldwell’s BBQ was delicious! Local craft beer from Silver Bluff and Southbound Breweries were also very popular. We are grateful for our sponsors and friends who made this a successful event!
  • Fall Native Plant sale was b(l)ooming!
    Coastal Wildscapes’ Annual Fall Native Plant Sale once again brought out the gardeners who have discovered the beauty of native plants, and some who are seeking to discover them! A beautiful day and several vendors made this a very successful sale!
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