Darien Fall Festival Was Well Attended!

Lots of activities took place during the Darien Fall Festival! Downtown Darien had arts and crafts, live music and a doggie parade! Local artist, Carly Hardy, donated 50% of her sales of her art at Ashantilly’s booth, thank you so much, Carly! Also at the booth, Noel Gieleghem demonstrated the heritage craft known as boondoggle. Woven from palm, the boondoggle brings good luck to the household and wards off lightning. Noel will be using these handmade beauties for decorating for Christmas at Ashantilly (Dec. 5th).

Tours of Ashantilly and print demonstrations at Ashantilly Press began at 11:00. At 1:00 pm, Buddy Sullivan gave a lecture on the Antebellum South. Light refreshments rounded out the activities.

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