Famous Regions of Scotland

There was a full crowd at Ashantilly on the evening of Saturday, March 11 as Vince Becker of Habersham Beverage, took guests on a tour of Scotland describing various regional whiskies. Vince, a Certified Specialist of Spirits, shared his knowledge with all the attendee.

Vince lead the Scotish enthusiasts through different varieties of Scotch from the whiskey-producing regions of Scotland. Vince provided the crowd with some additional information on various palette cleansing and tasting techniques.

Vince also suggested several comprehensive educational tools and the proper glass type, a glencairn, for the serious Scotch enthusiast. “The glencairn glass base and bulbous shape make it the perfect glass for swirling whiskey, while the narrow rim keeps the aroma in as you nose the spirits,” said Becker. Ashantilly’s guests enjoyed every minute.

Special numbered prints were printed at The Ashantilly Press for the event and a limited number are still available for sale at Ashantilly.

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